Atlantic Mine MI Real Estate

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Atlantic Mine MI Homes For Sale

Atlantic Mine MI is a former copper mining town a few miles southeast of Houghton. Prospective buyers who appreciate the village’s proximity to the county seat but who want a quieter lifestyle may decide to purchase one of the Atlantic Mine homes for sale.

The town lies half a mile from the awe-inspiring shores of Lake Superior, which covers over 31,000 square miles. Current job listings in the area include both professional and service industry-related positions, and many residents make the short commute to Houghton and surrounding cities where college-related employment abounds.

Adventurous homebuyers will appreciate the many ATV, hiking and biking trails in the Atlantic Mine area, the coast of Lake Superior provides opportunities to fish, boat and sightsee while enjoying views of the expansive lake.

Atlantic Mines homes for sale feature smaller homes such as 2-bedroom/2-bath and three-bedroom/1-bath homes perfect for young professionals or students who would rather invest money in a home than pay rent. Many houses in the area feature rustic charm while others are conveniently built one-story ranch-style homes.

Tourists frequent the Upper Peninsula for its beauty year-round. In the winter, skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor fun keep residents and visitors smiling. In the summer, the undeveloped woodlands, nature parks and Lake Superior provide dozens of opportunities that inspire weekend getaways and countryside drives. With five colleges and universities in Copper Country, Houghton and Hancock are also great possibilities for those who wish to make Greater Houghton County their forever home.

If you need help finding homes for sale in Atlantic Mine MI, State Wide Real Estate of Houghton can oblige. Owner Kevin Liimatta moved to the area from Detroit and lives with his wife and kids in a rural home. Kevin and the dozen agents who work for him can well understand the draw for those who wish to remain in or move to Atlantic Mine or an equally appealing small town. The team at SWOH has placed thousands of homebuyers in their dream houses and sold many, many homes in the area. In fact, repeat business is our life’s blood. As families outgrow their starter homes, require a home closer to work or school or leave the area, they come for us for experienced listing agents who sell homes fast. We can provide property listings, comparative pricing and other details for rustic, high-end, urban, suburban and rural homes for sale in Atlantic Mine MI.

Atlantic Mine Area:
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We use the latest databases available to us through local, regional, and national web services when searching for properties for you, to locate properties that best match your needs.