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Mohawk Michigan Real Estate

Mohawk MI lies 16 miles north of Houghton along US-41. This Keweenaw County village takes its name from the Mohawk Mine of the Wolverine, an inactive copper mine dating back to the late 1800s. The village developed around the mine and remained after it closed. The particular blend mined in the area was called Mohawkite and was deeply prized for its hardness and luster.

Today, visitors appreciate the luster and quantity of the voluminous snowfall in the area, which receives an average of 206 inches of snow each year. If you like to ski, snowmobile, snowshoe and otherwise enjoy winter activities, you will be very happy in Mohawk. In fact, many of the town’s inhabitants are originally from other areas of the country.

Keweenaw County properties for sales reflect the diversity of the population. With single- and multistory family homes to lakeside cottages, there’s something for every prospective homeowner. At State Wide Real Estate of Houghton, our agents are happy to provide information about Mohawk and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in settling here, we’d love to chat about the different neighborhoods in the village. We have a dozen agents who are deeply connected to the area who can tell you about ranch-style homes, sprawling vacation homes with separate buildings for guests and everything in between. From rustic furnishing to modern architecture, the eclectic weave of Mohawk real estate brings authentic charm to the community.

With five universities and colleges and several large companies in the area, you can find work if you decide to relocate here. With exclusive access to the Keweenaw Multiple Listing Service, we can provide you details on available homes for sale in the Upper Peninsula and a list of comparable properties to help you determine an offer price. Call SWOH at 906-482-6955 for the best real estate representation in Keweenaw County.

For locals who want to sell their property in Houghton, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon Counties, we can provide virtual showing, aerial photographing and marketing services to help your property move fast. Our agents have diverse backgrounds and can also provide information on Mohawk MI and the best places to ski, snowmobile or live in the Upper Peninsula.

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We use the latest databases available to us through local, regional, and national web services when searching for properties for you, to locate properties that best match your needs.