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Real Estate Philosophy

State Wide Real Estate of Houghton (SWOH) focuses on delivering high quality real estate services to each of it’s customers, in a manner that yields the best outcomes for our buyer or seller. The delivery of any service to our customers starts by simply listening to an individual customer’s needs. While that sounds simple, it seems we all experience people everyday that just do not have time listen. And, it makes sense—we are all pressed for time. So, we make it our mission to take the time to listen to customers and deliver them the services that they request.

At our first meeting with a you as a buyer, we will sit and listen to what you want in your new property. As a result of questions that we discuss, we will search the market for properties that meet your wish list. And, to us it makes no sense to look at properties that don’t meet your needs. For example, if you want to purchase a $100,000 home, it doesn’t make sense for us to show you $200,000 homes. I know it sounds simple, but we’ve heard stories from buyers that a lot of real estate sales people do not necessarily follow this simple practice.

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When searching for properties for you, we will use the latest databases available to us through local, regional, and national web services to try to locate properties that best match your needs. Some of these sources include our local and regional Realtor’s associations, as well as other local and national sources such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia to name just a few. All of these potential sources of property listings are pared down to filter out any property that doesn’t truly match your needs and desires. We will then pass potential matching properties to you, usually via electronic means, so you can further refine the matches and tell us which properties are the most attractive to you. Once we have pared down the list, we will schedule showings at the best matched properties, always around your schedule.

When we view properties with you, we will guide you through each property. We will point out the good and equally “the bad” that we see. It doesn’t make any sense for us to hide something from you as a buyer. We believe it’s far better to point out everything that we see so you can make a more informed decision about a property. And, when you are ready, we will prepare the documents necessary for you to make a complete and thoughtful offer on the property that you choose.

Once you achieve a successful offer with a seller, we will guide you through the process of inspecting a property, interpreting the inspection results, and renegotiating or dealing with closing the inspection process. Our team of agents understands homes and vacant land and will act as a resource to point you in the correct direction to understand and better deal with anything that may arise in the buying process.

And finally, we will work with your funding source or lender to prepare you for closing the purchase. Much of this work is done behind the scenes, in concert with your lender or bank, a local title company, your attorney, and a host of other people that may play a role in your successful closing. Lastly, we certainly look forward to the day when we can hand you the keys to your new home, or the deed to your new land! Again, in all of these interactions our mission and philosophy is to achieve whatever goals you have for your real estate in the Keweenaw!

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